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# 00000 - 1970 NFL Strategy game Tudor Games $79.95
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# 00000 - 1970 NFL Strategy game Tudor Games $69.95
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# 00000 - 1970 NFL Strategy game Tudor Games $63.95
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NFL Strategy game
©1970, Tudor Games
Ages: 12 and Up
Players: 2
Don's Game Closet
NFL Strategy is a football game based on plays and the ability to execute them rather
than on team statistics. The number of offensive plays and defensive plays varies with
each edition and one special teams card are included. Each player secretly chooses his
play. The defensive play (which has clear "windows" on it)is played on top of the
offensive play to reveal five possible outcomes of the play. To find the result you roll
two six sided dice and add them together. The dice roll determines which "window" the
players look at and this is the result of the play. The result also takes into account
whether the ball is on the left hash mark, the right hash mark or in the center of the field.
Earlier versions of this game used a spring loaded bead that you flipped to determine
which "window" to look at.  (from the Boardgamegeek)
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1 NFL strategy programmer
17 Offensive play cards
1, 49 Sweep weak
1, 20 Fold
1, 24 Trap
1, 37 Slant
1, 45 Give
1, 42 Dive
1, Quick screen left
1, Pass 24 B Fly
1, Pass 28 X Square Out
1, X Screen
1, 20 Trap draw
1, 85 Z Fly
1, 84 Z Square out
1, 88 A & B divide
1, 83 X Hook
1, 50 X Quick out
1, 82 Z Corner
12 Defensive cards
1 Under key--man-to-man
1 Short yardage
1 4-3 Sam-Will blitz
1 4-2 Key--Safety X Combo
1 4-3 Key--man-to-man
1 4-3 Key--mombo
1 4-3 Maximum blitz
1 Over Key--strong zone
1 4-3 Blast--man-to-man
1 Prevent
1 4-3 Twist--strong zone
1 Under blast--weak zone
2 Specialty play cards
1 Punt & return
1 Kick Off & return
1 Playbook
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