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SAN DIEGO. As a young boy growing up in California, Don loved to play board games with his family and friends, especially because it
always seemed to bring so much happiness into all our lives.  Those special times got Don interested in developing some ideas for his
own games.  He studied the various designs and playing strategies of previously published games and used that knowledge to create
games, such as, Moon Probe, Making Millions, Earth vs. Mars, and his most popular game, Build-A-House.

ST. LOUIS. As a young man living in Missouri, Don was able to bring his joy with board games into his practice as a activities therapist.  
While working in a university hospital setting, he found that board games not only soothed and relaxed patients, but they were
instrumental in improving decision-making, problem-solving and goal-setting skills.  All of this inspired Don to host a weekly event called
"Board Game Night" for staff, patients and their families.  This event became the most popular activity offered by the hospital.

UNITED STATES. After enjoying many years of playing all kinds of old board games with family, friends, and patients, Don decided that
everyone across the nation should have an opportunity to enjoy them as well.  In 1998 he planned to acquire games from anywhere he
could to build up an inventory for an Internet store in his later years.  He focused on finding complete games in excellent condition and
making complete games from partial games.   When his inventory grew to become 1000s of games, it became clear that it was time to
create a  user-friendly website for all of you to enjoy.  
Don's Game Closet was launched in September 2007.   More about us below.
Shopping This Side of Ebay!
DON'S GAME CLOSET was created as a hassle-free alternative to dealing with time-consuming auctions, poorly graded merchandise and
undependable service.  We make it a policy to give you both quality service and accurately,  graded games.  We want you to be comfortable
with your game purchase, have a speedy delivery and ultimately enjoy your vintage game for many years into the future.  We believe
strongly that if you are a happy customer, you will visit us again or tell your family and friends about us.  Delivering quality services and
products requires time and dedication, which is what we are all about at Don's Game Closet.  Here is what we do to make your shopping
experience an enjoyable one:

GAME GRADING:  Before each game is made available for purchase, we inspect and grade each game for completeness and condition.  
Parts are placed in plastic zip-lock bags and rubber bands.  We usually list our top-grade games first.  

2. FINDING YOUR GAME:  To easily find any of our games, we provide a custom index system.  For example, to find Lakeside's, 1972
Aggravation game you can search by  
first letter (A for Aggravation), by publisher (L for Lakeside), by decade (1970s) and finally by game
(Aggravation is in the category of marble games)  If your game appears on an index without a game page, email us and we will
make a page.

PURCHASING YOUR GAME:  Each of our games are "available for purchase" on a separate page dedicated to that game only with the
exception of specific groups of games.  Our fully-automated website allows you to purchase any of our games using the latest 128-bit
secure link technology to
PayPal.  More

4. SHIPPING YOUR GAME:  Your game is usually shipped within 1 business day of your purchase.  All shipments are by "Priority Mail"
(unless stated otherwise) from our St. Louis warehouse, which is centrally located in the United States, allowing delivery to most
destinations within 2-3 days.  Also, if you provide
PayPal with your email, you will be notified of shipment.  More

5. OUR GUARANTEE:   We provide a money back guarantee on all of our games.  If you are not satisfied with your purchase, just send it
back postmarked within 15 calendar days of arrival at your address and we will be glad to refund your money for the game.  The game
must be returned in the same condition as it was sent to you.  Shipping refunds are determined on a case by case basis.  

FREE SERVICES:  We provide free game searches and score sheets that can be easily downloaded from over 500 game pages.
Just help yourself.
Tips for Buying Vintage Board Games on the Web
                                                              WHAT ABOUT GAME DEALERS?

1.   IS THE DEALER REPUTABLE?  Usually reputable game dealers are well-established, provide accurately graded games, and offer timely
services to their customers.   Less reputable dealers often provide short-lived, poorly managed websites and are in short supply with fast
and fair customer service.   Their primary interest is making fast money.

DOES THE DEALER MAINTAIN THEIR WEBSITE?  Usually a more reputable dealer pays attention to the appearance of their website and
the accuracy of game information, such as game publishing dates, publishers, descriptions and contents.  They revise their website pages
to reflect current changes in game inventory, game prices and other important aspects.   

 IS THE DEALER USING SOUND PRICING METHODS?  More reputable dealers have more consistent prices and don't change prices
frequently within weeks.  Some dealers may have higher prices than others, but can still be very reputable.  Less reputable game dealers
use a pricing system that fluctuates rapidly resembling the auctioning patterns of Ebay.   

DOES THE DEALER USE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE PRACTICES?  Reputable dealers typically provide quick and honest service.
Please keep in mind that an email can be lost in a spam filter which can slow down service.  More reputable dealers usually offer
assistance with finding games they don't have in stock, whether through
bulletin boards, searches, web links or suggestions.  Less
reputable dealers have little interest in customer service and are more concerned with selling their games.

dealers are interested in customer satisfaction and will offer a return policy or guarantee on their games.   As you can guess,
less reputable dealers offer no return policy or guarantee.           
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