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D & R Games
1996 Peaceful Resistance game

D.O.H. Inc. Games
1983 PentaKribb game

DaMert Games
1997 Alien Autopsy game
1998 Brain-O-Matic game
1999 Detour game
1998 Impact Zone game
1999 STARGO game

Day Hudson Corp. Games
0000 Golf Dice game

Days of Wonder Games
2003 Terra game
2004 Ticket to Ride game
2018 Ticket to Ride game

DCP Limited Games
1998 Cube Checkers game

Decipher Games
1989 Auditions game
1998 Girl Power game
1992 How to Host A Mystery Star Trek NG
1987 Ink Blotz game
1998 Kid's Book of Questions Truth or Dare game
2001 Lord of the Rings Trading Card game
1987 Next Word game
1987 Pente game  (red tube)
1992 Pente game  (red tube)
1994 Pente game  (red tube)
1998 Pente game  (20th Anniversary)
1997 Rumors game
1993 Star Trek TNG Interactive VCR Board game
1999 Star Wars, Episode 1 Card game
1996 Stir Crazy game
Tip the Cows game
1992 Tip the Cows game
2000 Tribbles game

Deflexion Games
2006 Deflexion game

Dennis Siteman Games
1984 Bible Search Thee game

Design Science Toys
1995 Tensegritoy puzzle

DHL Airways Inc. Games
0000 DHL Worldwide Express game

Dimensional Games
1967 3-D Chess game

Discovery Bay Games
2009 Guesstimation game
2008 Origin of Expressions game

Discovery Communications Games
2006 Dino Dig Challenge game

Discovery Toys Games
2002 1, 2, 3 Go game
1991 A B Seas game
2006 A B Seas game
2006 A to Z Junior game
1986 Adventure Floor Puzzle
Air-musement Park game
1990 Animal Dominos game
1986 Are You My Mother game
1987 Bazaar game
1994 Bazaar game (Special Edition)
Bear Blocks game
2003 Bears, Boats & Butterflies (Puzzle)
2007 Brain game
2000 Busy Bugs Learning Set
2009 Busy Bugs Learning Set
2000 Color Connection Maze game
1988 Color Train game
1993 Count Dino's Number Marathon game
1994 Cover-Up game
Crazy Cubes Creative Comedy Kit
1994 Crosstrack game
1993 Domino Circus game
2004 Domino Road game
1986 Early Discoveries game
1988 Eldorado game
1986 Emperor's Challenge game
2000 Flip Flop Faces game
2009 Flip Flop Faces game
1992 Follow Your Nose game
2005 Fractions Supreme Pizza game
1992 Freeze Frame game
1999 Games to Grow On game
1986 Giant Dice game
1990 Giant Pegboard
1997 Giant Pegboard
2004 Giant Pegboard
2005 Green Gators Card game
1994 Hear The World game
1992 Jewels in the Attic game
1992 Jungle Rumba game
1989 Listen and Do game
2000 Look & Find Lotto game
1985 Magic 4 game
0000 Marble Magic Set
0000 Marble Works Set
2004 Marbleous Mosaics
2001 Money Money game
1992 Mosaic Mysteries
2002 Number Rings game
1993 Never Ending Stories game
1988 Oh Rats game
2000 Oh Rats game
1988 Oonie Moonie Goonie game
1993 Pentominoes game
1987 Pick-It game
2000 Pizza, Paint & Pie Phonics Puzzle
1990 Place & Trace
Playful Patterns Design Activity
1996 Playful Patterns Design Activity
2005 Playful Patterns Design Activity
2000 Pool Party game
1991 Progressive Puzzles game
2007 Quick Call game
1995 Rainbow Woods game
1986 Rainbows, Rabbits & Roses puzzle
1992 Rainbows, Rabbits & Roses puzzle
1976 Ring-A-Round game
2004 Roll & Play game
1999 Rush Hour game
1986 Shuttles game
1991 Shuttles game  (Mini Strategy)
2000 Shuttles game
1995 Right Moves Chess Set
1994 Silly Expressions game
1993 Silly Shadows game
1988 Sticks N Barrels game
2010 Tactico game
1997 Tactominoes Set
2006 Timing It Right game
1987 Tongue Twisters game
1998 Tongue Twisters game
2006 Totally Tut game
1997 Tote-n-Tiles Mosaic Tile Set
1997 Traffic Jam Strategy game
1999 Travel Tracks Adventure Raceway
1993 Triple Traveler game
Tutti Frutti Card game
2005 Tutti Frutti Card game
2002 What's Different? Matching game
1987 What's That Sound? game
2001 What's That Sound? game
2004 What's That Sound? game
2005 Wild Woods game
1999 Wiz Kid game
2003 Word Flip game
2009 Word Flip game
1995 Word Trio game
1986 X from Outer Space game

Disney Enterprises Games
2005 Disney Dominoes game
2004 Disney Princess Dominoes game
2006 Pirate's Dice game
2007 Pirate's Dice game
0000 Three Family Games

Distinctive Games
1986 Fishin' Time game

Divinity Religious Products
1994 Catholic Family Bible game
1991 Divinity game

DMC Corp Games
2008 Quiltopoly game
Stitchopoly game

Dolgin Corp Games
2009 Rapid Shoot Action game

Domlar Enterprises Games
1990 Topping the Charts game

Don Barrett Productions Games
1986 World's Greatest Movie Challenge VCR

Don Carter & Paula Sperber
1979 World Bowling Tour game

Don Scott Associates Games
1986 Guilty Party Courtroom Trial game

Double A Productions Games
2006 Play Nine game

Dr. Seuss Enterprises Games
2007 Cat in the Hat - I Can Do That game

Dream Green Games
2003 Noble Celts game

Dreiling Inc Games
1987 Praise the Loot game

Drueke & Sons Games
1951 GO game

Drumond Park Games
1993 Articulate game

DSI Games
1997 Hoppin' Poppin' Spaceballs game

DSI Toys
1997 Hoppin' Poppin' Spaceballs Buzz Lightyear

Dust Bunny Games
2004 Seasons The Calendar Rummy game

Dutch Blitz Games
1973 Dutch Blitz game

DWI Enterprise LLC Games
2005 Super Cross game

Dynamic Games
1973 Backgammon game
1972 Outlaw Trail: The Western game

E & B Giftware Games
2006 Water Challenge Basketball game

E & M Games
1993 Splash Card game

East West Distributing Games
0000 Electronic Racing Pinball game

Eastman Kodak Company Games
1988 Robots VCR Mystery game (Isaac Asimov)

1979 Economaze game

Ed-U-Cards Games
1963 Bowl A Card game
1959 Busy Bee Card game
1972 Laurel & Hardy Card game
1959 Old Maid game (Circus Edition)

Educa Games
1993 Finders Keepers game
1998 Race for the Gold game
0000 What Time is It? game
0000 Wiggle & Giggle game

Educational Fun Games
1962 Winning Touch game

Educational Ideas
1958 SMARTY The Arithmetic BINGO game

Educational Insights Games
2003 Blokus game
2005 Blokus game
2006 Blokus Trigon game
1997 Buried Treasure Castle Dig
2003 Chameleon game
2007 Fraction Pie Puzzles
2001 GeoSafari Extreme game
1999 GeoSafari Game of the States game
1999 GeoSafari World Challenge game
1998 GeoSafari World Traveller game
2004 Heximoes game
1990 Just Say No game
2003 Lewis & Clark Adventure game
1992 Name That Country game
Name That State game
1988 Picture Perfect Design Tiles
Presto Change-O game
2000 Presto Change-O game
2004 Presto Change-O game
1991 Race to the Sun game
1990 Slide 5 game
2005 Space Faces game
2006 Tetra Trax game
1992 Traverse game
2007 Traverse game

Educational Material Assocs. Games
1993 Civil War New Deluxe Ed game
2007 Civil War New Deluxe Ed game
1998 Revolution (The) New Deluxe Ed game

Edutainment Games
1993 Outwageous game
1992 Passtimes game

eeBoo Corp Games
2004 United States Bingo game

Electronic Arts Games
2013 Bejeweled Blitz game

Elenco Electronics
1998 Electronic Playground & Learning Center
2004 Snap Circuits Jr. Set

Endemol Games
2006 Deal or No Deal Handheld game Model 2002
Deal or No Deal Handheld game Model 2310

Endgame Entertainment Games
1997 Celebrity Mania game
1995 Movie Mania for Kids game
1996 Movie Mania game
1996 Movie Mania New Edition game
1996 Music Mania game
1994 Wordage game

Endless Games
2000 25,000 Pyramid game
2005 Bullies Dice game
2002 Card Sharks game (25th Anniversary)
Cheater The Ultimate Card game
1998 Concentration game (40th Anniversary)
Encore game
2002 Encore game (Deluxe Edition)
Encore game
2002 Family Feud game  (2nd Edition)
Jotto game
1963 Kismet game
1975 Kismet game
2003 LINQ game
1998 Newlywed game (Silver Anniversary Ed)
Newlywed game
2004 Newlywed game (2nd Edition)
Password game (4th Edition)
Password Junior game
1998 PersonaliTEASE game
2001 Pop Smarts game
1998 Price is Right game
2003 Pyramid Home game
2002 Route 66 game
2001 What's My Line game
Who Am I game

Eng's I Q Company Games
1987 Foresight game

Enginuity Games
1999 Doubles Wild game
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Entertaining Games
1996 Talk Show game

Eon Games
1979 Darkover game

Epoch Playthings Games
1976 Computer Baseball game

EPYX Games
1988 Play Action VCR Football game .
VCR California games

E.S. Lowe Games  See Lowe

E. W. Finks Company Games
1974 Partner Chess game

ESM Marketing Group Games
1985 Condomoneyum game
1987 It's Only Money game

Eva-Tone Games
1987 In the Footsteps of Jesus game

Excalibur Electronics Games
1985 5-In-1 Virtual Casino Electronic game
0000 7-in-1 Ultimate Casino Electronic game
0000 ABC World of Sports Grand Prix Racing  
Bridge Deluxe Handheld game (Model 417D)
Casino 6 in 1 with Calculator game (368E)
Chess LCD Computer Handheld game
0000 Craps Electronic game Excalibur  Model 474
Double Screen Talking Golf game Excalibur
(Model 383)
Draw Poker Electronic game (472 EXC)
eChess game Model 410
Excalibur Crusader Chess & Checker game
0000 Excalibur King Master III Chess and Checkers
game Excalibur (911E-3)
Excalibur Travel King Master II Chess &
Checkers game (169E-2)
Electronic Craps game Model 474
Electronic Draw Poker game (472 EXC)
Electronic Golf Fox Sports game  (FX206)
Fox Sports Baseball Handheld game
2007 Fox Sports Golf Handheld game
0000 Free Cell Electronic game
2005 Frogger Arcade game  (Model 4011A)
Frogger Classic Handheld game
2007 Game Time Talking Football game
0000 Gin Rummy Handheld game
2007 Golf Fox Sports Electronic game
0000 Horse Racing LCD game
0000 Jam Fest Basketball game
0000 Kingmaster III Chess and Checkers game 0000
LCD Computer Chess Handheld game
0000 LCD Horse Racing Handheld game
0000 LCD Pool Electronic Handheld game
0000 MAD LIBS Electronic game (Model 398)
Magnetic Poker Darts game
2007 NFL Game Time Talking Football game
2006 NFL Trivia Pro Electronic game
2004 NY Times Electronic Crossword Puzzle
0000 Phantom Force Chjess game (Model 740D)
Quick Play game
0000 Roulette Handheld game (Model 475)
Solitaire Electronic game (Model 370E)
Solitaire Glow in Dark game (Model 370G)
0000 Space IQ Pocket Astronomer (Model 764)
Talking Bingo Electronic game (Model 450)
Talking Pro Golf game (Model WG250)
Texas Hold'Em WSOP game
0000 Texas Hold'Em WSOP Ultimate Electronic
Talking game (Model 599)
0000 Tournament Bowling Handheld game
0000 Touch Solitaire game
0000 Ultimate Texas Hold'Em WSOP Electronic
Talking game
0000 Vibrating Pinball game (Model 158EP)

Executive Visions Games
1987 Dicey Rolley game

Exploding Kittens LLC
2015 Exploding Kittens Card game

Faby Games
2003 Word Rich game
1994 Word Thief game

Face 2 Face Games
2007 Can't Stop game

Faith Kidz Games
2001 Bible Bingo game
2002 Family Choices game (Proverbs Edition)

Family Choice Products Games
1992 inklings The Ultimate Bible game

Family Games
1972 Howard Hughes game

Family Games of Canada Games
1978 Cathedral game
1997 Cathedral game

Family Narratives Games
1989 Life Stories game

Family Oriented Games
1985 Big Rig 18 Wheeler game

Family Pastimes Games
1998 Caves and Claws game
1998 Deep Sea Diver game
1985 Granny's House game
Harvest Time game
2002 Hotel Ritz game
1986 Princess game
1991 Round-Up game
1994 Snowstorm game

Family Time Inc. Games
1994 Pilgrim's Progress game

Family Values Games
2007 Almighty Heroes Adventure game

Fantasy Flight Games
2004 Ingenious game
2005 Through the Desert game

Feature Games
1957 BOWLO game

Fidelity Electronics Games
0000 Eldorado Chess Challenger game

Finch & Scott Games
1990 Playing Shakespeare game

Finger-Sports Games
1997 Finger-Flick Sports Football game
1996 Finger-Flick Sports game (All American Ed)

Fisher-Price Games
2003 3 in 1 Play Pack game
2002 Adopt-A-Dog game
2001 Animal Crackers game
2000 Barnyard Bingo game
1995 Boppin Bee game
1997 Go Fish game
2000 Go Fish game
1995 Hold the Phone game
2000 Ice Cream Scoops of Fun game
1995 Memory Doctor game
Octopus Dominoes game
1998 Octopus Dominoes game
1996 Oreo Matchin' Middles game
1997 Oreo Matchin' Middles game
2003 Oreo Matchin' Middles game
1995 Puzzle Place game
1994 Scrambled Eggs game
1994 S'getti Scatter game
2010 Sing-a-ma-jig
Turtle Picnic game
1994 Turtle Recall game

Flying Buffalo Inc.
1979 Tunnels & Trolls game  (5th Edition)

Flying Colors Toys, Inc.
2002 Goofy Golf Set

Flying Frog Publishing
1999 Paper Plane (Ultimate) Kit
1999 Ultimate Paper Plane Kit

Flying Rabbit Games
2007 Baffle game

Flying Turtle Games
1987 Restaurant game

FNDI Games
1992 Life Stories game

For Jessica's Sake Inc. Games
1996 Namesake game

Forbes-Taylor Games
1979 Kensington game

Forum Novelties Games
1992 Over the Hill Bingo game
1993 Retirement Bingo game

Frank Bresee Games
1990 Pass Out game
2005 Pass Out game

Frank Schaffer Publications
1997 Animal Lotto game
1997 Sequencing 4 Scene Cards
1988 Sequencing 6 Scene Cards
1997 Sequencing 6 Scene Cards

Franklin Games
0000 Battle Buckets game

Front 9 Inc. Games
2006 Golo Dice game

Front Porch Classics Games
2010 Circa Baseball game
2012 Deer in the Headlights Card game
2003 Dread Pirate Bookshelf Ed game
2007 Fenced In game
2005 Stretch Run Derby Edition game

Fun & James Games
1992 Screenplay game

Fun and Games Group Games
1994 Six Cubes game

Fun-Sport Games
0000 Jumping Frog game

Fun Things Inc. Games
1976 Amaze game

Fundex Games
2005 8-1/2 Card game
1996 A to Z game
2001 A to Z game
2004 A to Z Junior game
2007 A to Z game (Electronic Model 2425)
2003 Adversity game
2005 Alfredo"s Food Fight game
2004 ARNE Card game
1997 Big Comfy Couch Hidden Treasures game
2006 Booby Trap game
2005 Calamityville game
2006 Chairs game
2009 Chronology game
2003 Cookin Cookies Card game
2005 Don't Tip the Waiter game
2006 Gassy Gus game
2005 Gnip Gnop game
1997 Hidden Treasures Big Comfy Couch game
2004 Hit the Deck Card game
2010 Inch Worms game
2000 I've Creat A Monster Card game
2003 Jumpin Java game
2005 Monster Under My Bed game
2006 Nerd's Head? game
1997 Peanut Butter & Jelly game
1999 Peanut Butter & Jelly game
1998 Penguin Pile-Up game
1993 Phase 10 Fives game
2006 Rage Card game
2001 Reversi game
1998 Senat game
1999 Squeezed Out game
1997 Telephone Tag game
1997 Toot R ville Express game
2000 Tooth Fairy game
2006 What's in Ned's Head game

Funnybone Toys Games
2012 Array Card game

Funtastic Games
1967 Score Four Deluxe game
1968 Score Four Deluxe game

Future Trends Experience Games
2003 Hedbanz game

Fyanes Corp. Games
1968 Avante game

G & E Enterprises Games
1994 Impressions game

G & L Enterprises Games
1989 LagunaOpoly game

G-2 Products Games
1991 Orbs game

Gabrel Games
1979 Pente game (black tube)
Pente game (black tube)
Pente game (red tube)
1982 Pente game (red tube)

Gabriel Games
1981 Bent Outta Shape game
1978 British Square game
1978 Catch 21 Hi-Q game
1981 Chinese Chess game
1978 Dizzy Spell Hi-Q game
1976 Double Trouble game
1975 Headache game
1977 Headache Pop-O-Matic game
1981 Gridlock Hi-Q game
1975 Hi-Q game
1978 Hi-Q game
1956 Lion Hunt game
1977 Othello game (Tournament Edition)
Othello game
1981 Othello game
1979 Point-Blank Hi-Q game
1977 Pop-O-Matic Bingo game
1955 Stock Market game
1995 Stock Market game
Sudden Death game
1977 Take 5 game
1977 Tournament Othello game
1977 Touche game
1980 Word Rummy game

Gadget Boy Inc Games
1998 Football Trading Card game

GAF Corporation Games
1972 Klomp-It View-Master game
1980 Melody Madness game

Galactic Attic Games
1997 Moonshot game

Gallant Knight Games
0000 Master Chess Set

Galt Toys Games
0000 Shapes game
1983 Royal Game of Goose game

Game Box Inc. Games
1995 Ball Buster game
1983 Royal Game of Goose game James Galt

Game Concepts Games
1989 Four Letter Frenzy game

Game Design Games
0000 Shut The Box game

Game Development Group
2005 Bonkers game
1999 Wit's End game
2004 Wit's End Junior Edition game

Game Gems Productions Games
1965 Boris Karloff's Monster game

Game Source Games
1997 Spinner Color Dot Dominoes game
2003 Spinner Color Dot Dominoes game
1995 Spinner Deluxe Dominoes game

Game Time LTD Games
1987 Classic Major League Baseball game

Game Works Games
1986 Are You Over the Hill game
2014 Jaipur Card game  Works
Gamecraft Games
1970 Turn Tac Toe game

Gameplan Games
1995 Caesar's Palace Casino game
1994 CNN The game
1995 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer game

Games II Toys Games
1991 Wrestling Madness game

Games for All Reasons Games
1999 Finish Lines game
2003 Red-Handed game

Games Gang Games
1989 Bible Balderdash game
1989 Clever Endeavor game
1990 Cue Me game
1986 Fast Fax game
1991 Husker Du? game
1989 Red Letter game
1990 Sentence Game for Juniors game
1990 Sniglets game
1988 Verbositi game
Winning Words game

Games Partnership Games
1981 An Enchanted Evening game
1989 An Enchanted Evening game
1992 An Enchanted Evening game
1994 An Enchanted Evening game

Games2Remember Games
1998 Funky Monkeys game

Games Workshop Games
1991 Dragon Masters game
1983 Talisman game

GameMakers Ltd. Games
1990 Notable Quotables game

Gameworks Creations Games
1999 Absolute Balderdash game
1984 Balderdash game
1995 Balderdash game
1988 Balderdash game  (2nd Edition)
Bible Balderdash game

Gamewright Games
2001 7 Safari game
2004 Big Top Card game
2007 Chomp game
2007 Curse of the Ruby Rhino game  
Dish It Up game
2002 Eureka game
1997 Frog Juice Card game
1997 Go Away Monster game
2003 Go Bananas Card game
2008 Go Nuts game
2004 Hocus Focus game
2004 Horse Show Card game
2007 Horse Show Card game
2004 In A Pickle game
2004 Kit & Caboodle game
2005 Leaping Lizards game
1998 Lilly's 3 For All Card game
1995 Loot Card game
1996 Make It Up game
1995 Mummy Rummy Card game
2003 PDQ Card game
1999 Play Ball Card game
2008 Pounce Card game
1995 Quests of the Roundtable Card game
2014 Qwixx Dice game
1997 Rat-A-Tat Cat Card game
2002 Scrambled States of America game
2005 Scrambled States of America game
2000 Slamwich Card game
2005 Sleeping Queens game
2002 SNAP game
2003 Stampede Card game
1996 Stone Soup game
1997 Suds Card game
2007 Three of a Crime Card game
2004 Turn the Tide Card game
2006 Ugly Doll Card game
2004 Wig Out Card game

Gammon Games
1975 Gamblers Golf game

Gamut of Games
1972 Bridgette game
1974 Place Your Bets game

Gatti Industries Games
1985 Legal Decision game

GDB Game Concepts Games
1993 Words From Words game

Gee Games
1998 Predict-a-Ball Baseball game

Gender Gap Games
1995 Gender Gap game

General Foods Games
1985 Kool-Aid Kid's Trivia game

Generations Inc. Games
1986 Generations game

GeoCentral Games
0000 Rocky Bingo game

GeoDice Games
2010 Geo Dice game

Geografacts Games
1991 Geografacts game
1992 Geografacts game

Geospace Games
1998 Word Spin Challenge game
2002 Word Spin Deluxe Edition game

Gestion Group-OR Games
1987 Big Bucks game Inc Games
2002 Ghettopoly game

Gibson Guitar Corp. Games
1997 Countryfied game

Gigamic Games
2001 DinGomino game
1991 Quarto game
1993 Quarto game
1995 Quixo Classic game
1997 Quoridor game

Ginasta Corporation Games
1954 Ginasta game

Global Games
1990 FLIM FLAM game
1994 San FranciscOpoly game

Gnu Games
2000 Spinergy game

Go Games
1989 Spellbinding game

Golf The Card Game
2005 Arnold Palmer Golf Card game

Golden Games (click here)

Goliath Games
2009 Domino Express Classic Set
2015 Giggle Wiggle game
2011 Word Search game

GoRu Products Games
1997 Conscience game

Great American Puzzle Factory Games
2000 2nd Guess game
1994 Ant Trails game
Arthur's Four in a Row Card game
1997 Best of Chronology game
1996 Bug Trails game
1995 Buzzword game
1996 Chronology game
1996 Chronology Junior game
1996 Chronology Sports Edition game
2004 Imposter Party game
1994 Memory Madness game
1991 MindTrap game
1995 Origins game
1994 Sea World Dominoes game
1993 Splash Card game
2000 T-Rex Rules Card game
1999 Who Knew The Who What Why Phrase

Green Board Game Co. Games
2000 Atlas Adventures game
2002 Constellation The Space Race game ;
Egyptians game
1997 Music Box The Rhythm & Note Reading
2007 Square Up game
2009 Square Up game

H & H Global Games
2003 Passport to Culture game

Haba Games
2007 Black Pirate The Duel game
2007 Der Schwarze Pirat Das Duell game
2007 Pirates Blast game

Hallmark Games
1976 Barricade game
0000 Maxine Big Playing Cards game
1976 Stranded game
1976 Vice Versa game

Hammerhead Enterprises Games
1980 Public Assistance game

Hansen Games
1977 221 B Baker St. game
1979 221 B Baker St. game  (Expansion Set #2. #3, #4)
1996 221 B Baker St. game
1999 Casino The Board game
1985 Charades game
1979 Denver Scene game
1988 Glasnost game
1977 GO game
1982 GO game  (Deluxe Ed)
1979 New Orleans Scene game
1978 Quadragammon game
1985 Trivial Detective game
1980 Wichita game
Happy Hour Games
1956 Hunch game
1956 You can be a Billionaire game

Harmony Toy Games
1992 Berenstain Bears So Much To Do game

Hartville Game Co. Games
1963 Game of 99 game .

Hasbro Games

Hassenfeld Games (Hasbro)
1960 Bridg-It game
1968 Pie Face game

Hatch Games Limited
1981 Noble House game

HearthSong, Inc Games
2000 Rainbowland game
1978 Save the Whales game
1993 Wake Up, Giants game

Heartland Consumer Games
2012 Rodeo Rummy game

Heather-Quigley Games
1967 Hollywood Squares 2nd Ed game

Henard Industries Games
1982 Raise the Roof game (light blue)
Raise the Roof game (royal blue)
Raise the Roof Board game (Deluxe)

Henco Games
1985 Trifles game Henco

Henmead Enterprises Games
1991 Let's Buy Hollywood game

Herbko International Games
1997 Crosswords The NY Times Sunday Puzzle
1997 Stock Market game
1993 Terrace game

Heritage Games
1983 Market Square game

Herrin & Kramer Games
1990 Franchise game

Hersch Games
1993 Mad Chatter game
2002 Outburst Bible Edition game
1988 Outburst game
1991 Outburst game II
1989 Outburst Junior game
1995 Outburst Junior game
1990 Songburst 50-60's game
1992 Songburst 70-80's game
1993 Songburst Country Western game

Hershey Foods Corp Games
1991 Hershey's Chocers Checkers game
2001 Hershey's Kisses Counting game

Hidden Hills Games
2005 Borderline Card game  (Africa Edition)
2002 Borderline Card game  (Europe/Middle East)
1989 Borderline Card game  (USA Edition)
2002 Borderline Card game  (USA Edition)

Hidden Talents Games
2002 Rigamarole game

High Game Enterprises Games
1993 Lovers & Liars game

Highlights for Children Games
2005 Top Secret Adventures game

Hilco Games
2004 Deluxe Skill Ball game
2005 Frame it game
1992 Golf-A-Round game
2008 Gotta Getta Gopher game
2004 Hoops game
2006 Hop Shot game
2005 Junkyard Jalopy game
2004 Launch Across game
1988 Match 4 game
2002 Pick Out Stix game
2001 Putt n Score game
2003 Rapid Fire game
2004 Sonic Skill Ball game
1997 Strikes n Spares game
1999 Triple Flip game

Hobbico Sets
2003 Microsizers PowerBrutes Battle Arena

Hole in One Games
1998 Hole in One game

Holiday Games
1980 Christmas game

Hollow Stump Bungalow Games
1977 Profit & Loss game

Home Game Company Games
1994 Sting game

Hometown TV Games
2002 Andy Griffith Show Mayberry Mania game

Honey Do Games
1992 Honey Do game

Horizon Games
1995 Bible Quest game (Old Testament)
1986 Sceptre 1027 A.D. game

Horn Abbot Games
See Trivia games

Houses of Games
See Waddingtons Games

How Marketing Enterprises Games
1985 Safari Adventure game (Mammals Edition)

Hoyle Products Games
1984 End of the Line game
1986 People's Court game
1984 Photo Trivia MGM Movies game
1979 Poker Royal game

HPH Development, Inc. Games
1985 Quadular game
1987 Quadular game
1985 Who's Poor game

Hubbub Inc Games
2003 Hubbub game

Huggermugger Co. Games
1989 Huggermugger game
1990 Huggermugger Expansion Mystery Sports
1992 Huggermugger Travel Edition game

Hyperion Games
2006 Dilbert The Board Game