Acronymity Trivia Edition game
©2000, Acronymity, Inc.
Ages: 13 and Up
Players: 2 to 4 or Teams
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Game Contents
This follow-up to Acronymity takes things a step further -- while the original game
was about defining acronyms, this game features trivia questions whose answers are
acronyms. Players get to move forward 1-3 spaces for answering the correct
acronym, 4-6 spaces for answering AND defining the acronym. Special spaces on
the game board add further variation to play through challenges, all-play events, and
changes to the meanings of dice rolls. Team play is encouraged.
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1 Game board
476 Acronymity cards
4 Acro-chance cards
30-Second timer
3 Standard 6-sided dice
4 Colored markers
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