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Alien Autopsy game
©1997, DaMert
Ages: 8 and Up
Players: 2 to 4
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# 11301 - 1997 Alien Autopsy game DaMert $24.95
                   Excellent Condition  (Style A, nice game, 1 split corner)

# 00000 - 1997 Alien Autopsy game DaMert $21.95
                   Very Good Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 1997 Alien Autopsy game DaMert $19.95
                   Acceptable Condition - Sold Out
1 Electric game board
(2 AA batteries, not included)
1 Electrical surgical tool
40 Game cards
4 Return a body part cards
1 Remove the kidney
1 Remove the kneecap
1 Remove the left lung
1 Remove the liver
1 Remove the radio implant
1 Remove the right lung
1 Remove the stomach
1 Remove the telepathy organ
1 Remove the thigh muscle
1 Remove the vocal chords
1 It's a bird!  Its a plane....
1 On your report card....
1 The government finally...
1 While cleaning your teeth...
1 While collecting rocks....
1 While hiking in the woods...
1 While visiting a science fiction..
1 You and your friends....
1 You are abducted by aliens...
1 You believe that aliens
1 You discover an abandoned...
1 You don't know what....
1 You dress up as an alien...
1 You faint at the sight...
1 You find an injured alien...
1 You had your camera....
1 You have to get your tonsils...
1 You rent a video about....
1 You report a flying saucer...
1 You save enough money...
1 You see a flying saucer...
1 You visit your local....
1 You would like to be a doctor...
1 Your friend finds a....
1 Your friend tells you....
1 You're using your computer...
10 Body parts
1 Kidney
1 Kneecap
1 Left Lung
1 Liver
1 Radio Implant
1 Right Lung
1 Stomach
1 Telepathy Organ
1 Thigh Muscle
1 Vocal Chords
4 Bowling pin pawns
2 Standard 6-sided dice
Don's Game Closet
A lifeless alien lies upon the examination table, as
players race to complete successful autopsies. An
unsteady hand results in a reawakening scream and
flashing eyes! The player who collects the most
alien body parts wins!

Shipping Wt: Approx. 3.5 lbs.
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