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# SOLD - 1968 All-Star Baseball game $34.95
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# 00000 - 1968 All-Star Baseball game $27.95
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# 00000 - 1968 All-Star Baseball game $24.95
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All-Star Baseball game
©1968, Cadaco
Ages: 8 and Up
Players: 2
Don's Game Closet
1 Baseball diamond game board
(with At-Bat spinners, fielding
K-O dials and batting key)
62 All Star player discs
(see player listing below)
19 Red discs
43 White discs
1 Strategy disc (A-E and F-J)
4 Plastic pegs (runners)
1 Scoreboard
(with runs per inning and
outs dials, keys for A-E and F-J
Strategy plays and K-O dial)
1 Score pad
Rules (under cover)
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Game Contents
All-Star Baseball game was designed by Ethan Allen (a former major league
baseball player) and has been one of the most popular American sports games.  
This game uses a batting simulation of major league baseball with a spinner and
player discs which incorporate statistics in various categories such as home runs,
triples, doubles, singles, walks, and strikeouts. Teams are made from the player
discs and the rules are basically the same as the real sport.  

Shipping Wt: Approx. 2.5 lbs
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Play Real Baseball with
Real Major League Stars
6 Pitchers
Clemens, Roger
Forsch, Bob
Key, Jimmy
Leibrandt, Charlie
Tudor, John
Viola, Frank
9 First Base
Davis, Alvin
Durham, Leon
Hernandez, K
Horner, Bob
Hrbek, Kent
Murray, Eddie
O'Brien, Pete
Tabler, Pat
Walker, Greg
6 Catchers
Carter, Gary
Fisk, Carlton
Gedman, Rich
Kennedy, Terry
Parrish, Lance
Pena, Tony
7 Second Base
Barrett, Marty
Doran, Bill
Morgan, Joe
Sandberg, Ryne
Sax, Steve
Tartabull, Dan
Whitaker, Lou
9 Third Base
Boggs, Wade
Brett, George
Brown, Bobby
Brown, Chris
DeCinces, Doug
Jacoby, Brook
Knight, Ray
Pendleton, Terry
Schmidt, Mike
8 Left Fielders
Bell, George
Bradley, Phil
Carter, Joe
Kingman, Dave
Leonard, Jeff
Pasqua, Dan
Raines, Tim
Rice, Jim
5 Center Fielders
Dawson, Andre
Henderson, Rickey
Lynn, Fred
McReynolds, Kevin
Murphy, Dale
4 Shortstops
Fernandez, Tony
Ripken, Cal
Smith, Ozzie
Trammell, Alan
Game #11593 - 62 Player Discs
8 Right Fielders
Bass, Kevin
Davis, Mike
Gibson, Kirk
Gwynn, Tony
Parker, Dave
Ruth, Babe
Synder, Cory
Winfield, Dave
6 Pitchers
Carlton, Steve
Guidry, Ron
McGregor, Scott
Rogers, Steve
Ryan, Nolan
Sutcliffe, Rick
8 First Base
Carew, Rod
Cooper, Cecil
Collins, Ripper
Evans, Darrell
Hernandez, Keith
Murray, Eddie
Oliver, Al
Thornton, Andre
6 Catchers
Carter, Gary
Fisk, Carlton
Kennedy, Terry
Parrish, Lance
Pena, Tony
Simmons, Ted
7 Second Base
Grich, Bobby
Herr, Tom
Morgan, Joe
Oberkfell, Ken
Sax, Steve
Stanky, Eddie
Whitaker, Lou
8 Third Base
Bell, Buddy
Brett, George
DeCinces, Doug
Guerrero, Pedro
Horner, Bob
Madlock, Bill
Nettles, Graig
Schmidt, Mike
9 Left Fielders
Baylor, Don
Foster, George
Henderson, Rickey
Luzinski, Greg
Matthews, Gary
Rice, Jim
Ruth, Babe
Smith, Lonnie
Winfield, Dave
7 Center Fielders
Armas, Tony
Dawson, Andre
Griffey, Ken
Law, Rudy
McGee, Willie
Murphy, Dale
Murphy, Dwayne
6 Shortstops
DeJesus, Ivan
Harrah, Toby
Ripken Jr, Cal
Smith, Ozzie
Trammell, Alan
Yount, Robin
Game #09498 - 62 Player Discs
5 Right Fielders
Hal McRae
Jack Clark
Leon Durham
Reggie Jackson
Steve Kemp