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# 05981 - 2007 Clue Express game $9.95
               Excellent Condition (in stock)

# 00000 - 2007 Clue Express game $8.75
               Very Good Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 2007 Clue Express game $7.95
               Acceptable Condition - Sold Out

Clue Express game
©2007, Parker Brothers
Ages: 8 and Up
Players: 3 to 4
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1 Game pod
1 Suggestion board
18 Suspect cards
1 Case file envelope
1 Notepad
4 Pencils
4 Specialty dice
Game Contents
DESCRIPTION - from the game
After finding Mr. Boddy's body in the study of Tudor Mansion,
Inspector Brown is investigating the usual six suspects: Mr  Green,
Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, Miss Scarlet and
Mrs. White.  But this crime might actually have been a conspiracy
involving 2 of them!  As a Detective, you must gather enough clues
to answer these 2 questions: Who was the Brains? Who was the

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