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# 09976 - 2008 Clue Harry Potter Edition game PB $19.95
                   Excellent Condition (missing 1 token, see NOTE below)

# 00000 - 2008 Clue Harry Potter Edition game PB $17.95
                   Very Good Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 2008 Clue Harry Potter Edition game PB $15.95
                   Acceptable Condition - Sold Out

Clue Harry Potter Edition game
©2008, Parker Brothers
Ages: 9 and Up
Players: 3 to 5
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1 4-Panel gameboard
4 Wheels
4 Plastic rivets
33 Help cards
33 Dark cards
21 Mystery cards
6 Student cards
Ginny Weasley
Harry Potter
Hermione Granger
Luna Lovegood
Nevill Longbottom
Ron Weasley
40 House point tokens
15 5-Point tokens
15 10-Point tokens
10 20-Point tokens
6 Suspect tokens
Bellatrix Lestrance
Crabbe & Coyle
Delores Umbridge
Draco Malfoy
Lucius Malfoy
Peter Pettigrew
6 Item tokens
Petrificus Totalus
Sleeping Draught
Vanishing Cabinet
1 Envelope
6 Plastic movers
1 Red mover
1 Blue mover
1 White mover
1 Green mover
1 Purple mover
1 Yellow mover
1 Notepad
5 Pencils
2 Standard 6-sided dice
1 Hogwarts 6-sided die
Game Contents
DESCRIPTION - from the game
A fellow student has seemingly vanished from the famous School of
Witchcraft and Wizardry - and it is up to you to solve the mysterious
disappearance.  Playing as Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna or
Neville, you must try and discover WHO did it, WHAT spell or item
they used and WHERE the student was attacked.  Was it Draco
Malfoy with a Sleeping Draught in the Owlery?  When you're sure of
your facts, go to Dumbledore's office to make your final accusation
and win the game!            
Shipping Wt: Approx. 3.5 lbs.
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NOTE: Slight side panel bowing at
the ends of the game cover and box.
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