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# SOLD - 2005 Clue Mysteries Decoding Detective game $9.95
                      Excellent Condition (Sold Out)

# 00000 - 2005 Clue Mysteries Decoding Detective game $8.95
                      Very Good Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 2005 Clue Mysteries Decoding Detective game $7.95
                      Acceptable Condition - Sold Out

Clue Mysteries Decoding Detective game
©2005, Parker Brothers
Ages: 8 and Up
Players: 2 to 6
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1 Hampshire gameboard
1 Cardboard game slipcover
6 Plastic detective pawns
6 Detective notebooks
24 CLUE cards
8 2-Piece character wheels
(with plastic buttons)
8 Plastic stands
4 Scene tokens
1 Plastic spyglass
1 Plastic secret mirror
1 Plastic location key
1 Pad of CLUE sheets
1 Standard 6-sided die
Game Contents
Solve a Summer Full of Mysteries!
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DESCRIPTION - from the game
In this prequel to the CLUE detective games, John Boddy and his attorney, Miles
Meadow-Brook, are still alive.  But 12 delightfully deceitful CLUE characters are plotting
their demise, and turning Hampshire into a hotbed of petty crimes!  Inspector Brown's
casebook is bulging with unsolved mysteries, and he needs your help to solve them.  
Choose a mystery, then travel along the Hampshire game board to question witnesses and
decode their clues.  Inspector Brown will tell you if anyone's lying. And Mr. Boddy knows
where the guilty party is hiding!  The first detective to discover whodunit, and where the
culprit is, wins the game (and reads the solution)!  
Shipping Wt: Approx. 4.5 lbs.
NOTE: This game is usually found without the slip cover.  
We do not include it in the game condition rating.