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# 01422 - 1990 Commotion game $9.95
                Excellent Condition (in stock)

# 00000 - 1990 Commotion game $8.95
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# 00000 - 1990 Commotion game $7.95
                Acceptable Condition - Sold Out

Commotion game
©1990, Parker Brothers
Ages: Adults
Players: 2 to 6
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6 Game boards
(with list & card clips)
200 Category cards
1 Electronic timer
1 Score pad
2 List pads
6 Colored pencils
Game Contents
Using a timer, each player draws a category card and writes on a
clipboard as many things they can think of that fit into that category.  
When time expires, players pass their clipboards to the player on their
left and the timer is reset.  Each player now writes down answers to
the category on this new clipboard, while avoiding repeating any
answers that were already written down from previous players.

Shipping Wt: Approx. 4.5 lbs.
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