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# 00000 - 1990 Disneyland game Parker Brothers $19.95
                            Excellent Condition - Sold Out

# 09376 - 1990 Disneyland game Parker Brothers $17.95
                            Very Good Condition (excellent game with 1 split corner)

# 00000 - 1990 Disneyland game Parker Brothers $15.95
                            Acceptable Condition - Sold Out

Disneyland game
©1990, Parker Brothers/Hersch
Ages: 5 and Up
Players: 2 to 4
Don's Game Closet
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No Parts Available for Sale
Game Contents
1 Game board
1 Disneyland Clock
27 Attraction cards (see below)
21 Character cards (see below)
18 Photo cards

Card Listing

27 Disney attraction cards
4 Adventureland cards
4 Critter Country cards
4 Fantasyland cards
4 Frontierland cards
4 Main Street USA cards
4 New Orleans Square cards
3 Tomorrowland cards
21 Disney Character cards
3 Adventureland cards
1 Colonel Hathi card
1 King Louie card
1 Mowgli card
3 Critter Country cards
1 Brer Bear card
1 Brer Fox card
1 Brer Rabbit card
3 Fantasyland cards
1 Cinderella card
1 Pinocchio card
1 Snow White card
3 Frontierland cards
1 Little Hiawatha card
1 Paul Bunyan card
1 Pecos Bill card
3 Main Street USA cards
1 Mickey Mouse card
1 Minnie Mouse card         
1 Pluto card
3 New Orleans Square cards
1 Captain Hook card
1 Peter Pan card
1 Wendy card
3 Tomorrowland cards
1 Daisy card
1 Donald Duck card
1 Goofy card
2 Wishing Star tokens
1 Yellow Wishing Star
1 Navy Blue Wishing Star
4 Train movers
1 Red Train mover
1 Blue Train mover
1 Green Train mover
1 Yellow Train mover
18 Photo cards
6 "Bad Photo Cards"
12 "Good Photo Cards"
1 Castle
1 Lighted Train
1 Mickey meets Alice
1 Mickey leads band
1 Snow White & 7 Dwarfs
1 Donald leads children
1 Donald with balloons
1 Mickey & Minnie & flower
1 Winnie the Pooh
1 Mickey & Minnie & camera
1 Space Mountain
1 Brer Rabbit Characters
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Family Fun in the Magic Kingdom
Experience the wonderful world of DISNEYLAND as your family and friends
take a very special game vacation in the Magic Kingdom.  You'll collect special
point cards as you visit Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, and other
Disney attractions, and meet Mickey, Goofy, Donald Duck and your other
favorite Disney characters.  No vacation is complete without lots of photos, so
on Camera spaces you'll try to pick up snapshot cards worth five points.  But
watch out for those bad pictures in the deck - they're worth Zero!
#03509 Acceptable Condition