Game of Golf ... By the Rules!
©1993, Trinity Games, Inc.
Ages: 8 to Adult
Players: 1 to 4
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This Edition includes
Quadrennial Revisions to the rules.
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1 Game board
(with a Par 3, Par 4
and Par 5 hole)
40 Question & answer cards
1 Question viewer
4 Plastic discs
(red, white, blue, yellow)
4 Golf tees
(red, white, blue, yellow)
1 Booklet
(with scorecards and rules)
Game Contents
DESCRIPTION - from the game
A player should have a basic or fundamental knowledge of golf. The
object of the game is for a player to advance his "ball" over the golf
course in the fewest number of strokes. The "ball" is advanced by
[b]correctly[/b] answering questions based on the U.S.G.A. (R) Rules
of Golf. The game may be played by 1, 2, 3, or 4 players - age 12 to
adult. Three golf holes are pictured on the game board. A leader board
sign adjacent to each hole indicates the par for that hole.
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Game of Golf...By the Rules
was previously printed in 1989
by Mountainman Enterprises