Golf Game
©1996, Jorgo Golf Inc.
Ages: 6 to Adult
Players: 2 to 4
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# 04119 - 1996 The Golf Game Jorgo Golf Inc. $14.95
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# 00000 - 1996 The Golf Game Jorgo Golf Inc. $12.95
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# 00000 - 1996 The Golf Game Jorgo Golf Inc. $11.95
                           Acceptable Condition - Sold Out
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The Golf Game is as real to regular golf as you can get without leaving your own
living room. The Golf Game consists of 18 holes with 9 holes on the front of the
board and 9 holes on the back of the board. Place the board on a table with the
front 9 facing up and after finishing the front 9, turn the board over to play the
back 9. Place the challenge cards face down on each side of the board where all
players can reach them. Each player chooses one game piece.
Shipping Wt:  Approx. 3.5 lbs.
1 Tri-fold game board
(20" x 30")
1 Plastic spinner (golf club)
1 Plastic Spinner base
120 Challenge cards
40 Amateur level cards
40 Junior level cards
40 Professional level cards
1 Pad of score cards
4 Golf ball movers
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