King Tut's  game (Deluxe Edition)
©1978, Cadaco
Ages: 6 to Adult
Players: 2
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Game Contents
1 Plastic game board
10 Wooden game pawns
5 Tall standard pawns
5 Short spool pawns
4 Wooden sticks
DESCRIPTION - from the game
SENET is one of the oldest games known, originating almost 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt.
It was played for a phenomenal length of time - over 3000 years. For centuries, a SENET "fad"
existed, amounting to a true national pastime. The game took on serious religious implications.
Some Egyptians began to see it as an allusion to the cosmic journey that the deceased person
would take through the various realms of the Egyptian afterlife and to his eventual union with
the sun god, Ra-Horakhty, at the time of dawn.  So, the object of the game was to go past the
last square on the board and become the sun god before the opposing player did so.
SENET, The Game that King Tut Played.
One of the "Treasures of Tutankhamun"
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