Master Merlin game
©1982, Parker Brothers
Ages: 7 and Up
Players: 1 or more
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DESCRIPTION - from the game
The Master Merlin electronic game unit has 9 all new
games, with different skill levels and two-player options
for even greater challenge.  Some of the games expand
players' creative skills and test their memory and logic.  
Others increase their powers of perception and deduction.  
Still others provide head-to-head competition.
9 ALL NEW Challenging Games
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Game Contents

. Master Merlin shuffles three shells (lights) in
this fun and familiar game.  Which shell holds the "pea"?
HI / LO. Reveal the mystery number in as few guesses as possible.  
Master Merlin provides the clues in this challenging game of
MATCH IT. It's a match-making memory game for one or two
players!  Find the hidden symbols, remember where they are, then
match them!
HIT or MISS  Search for and destroy three hidden ships!  Pinpoint
their location with a sharp shooting strategy - and a good memory!
PAIR OFF. Strategy is needed in this game where high numbers
win.  Beat your opponent's numbers - and collect more points!
TEMPO.  Compose a tune, then play it back with the button that
controls how long each note is played!
MUSICAL LADDER. Players try to move up the musical scale by
turning out lights as quickly as Master Merlin turns them on.
PATTERNS.  For this challenging memory game, players look at a
pattern of lights, then try to find the same pattern from the others
they see.
HOT POTATO. Two or more players can play this guessing game.  
But the trick is not to guess the secret number!
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