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# SOLD - 1978 NFL Strategy game $29.95
            Very Good Condition (Sold Out)

# 00000 - 1978 NFL Strategy game $29.95
            Very Good Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 1978 NFL Strategy game $27.95
            Acceptable Condition - Sold Out

NFL Strategy game
©1978, Tudor Games
Ages: 12 and Up
Players: 2
Don's Game Closet
DESCRIPTION - from the game
NFL Strategy is a fast moving game of tactics for people who see football as a
contest of mostly brains, rather than mostly brawn.  You win because you've
called the right play.  The only gimmick in NFL Strategy is your mind.  There's
no lucky roll of the dice.  No spinning wheel of chance.  You get 34 offensive
plays to choose from.  Plus 12 defensive plays.  So there are 6,120 different
ways a play can turn out on Tudor's exclusive Probability Selector.  There's
even a confidential NFL Playbook.  NFL Strategy is a game that lets you do
what most games don't let you do.  Think.

Shipping Wt: Approx. 3.5 lbs.
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1 Programmer (game board)
21 Offense cards (2-sided)
(Pass, Run, Screen)
7 Pass Cards
1 Red 50 X Quick Out/82Z Slant
1 Red 50 Z Post/85 Z Corner
1 Red 84 Y Go/Shotgun X Cross
1 Red 80 Y Cross/84 Z Square O
1 Red 83 X Hook/84 Y Straight
1 Red 85 Z Fly//Pass 28 X Fly
1 Red 88 A&B Divide/89A Hook
8 Run Cards
1 Blue 20 Fold/45 Drive
1 Blue 20 Quick Trap/42 Drive
1 Blue 20 Trap Draw/34 Draw
1 Blue 44 Slam/48 Toss Sweep
1 Blue 24 Trap/28 Sweep
1 Blue 26 Power/37 Slant
1 Blue 29 Quick Pitch/49 Sweep
1 Blue 45 Give/Y Reverse Left
6 Screen Cards
1 Purple Pass 24/Pass 37
1 Purple Pass 44/Pass 49
1 Purple Pass 28/HB Option
1 Purple Flea Flicker/X Screen
1 Purple Fullback/Quick Screen
1 Purple Middle Flood/Rollout
12 Defense cards (2-sided)
3-4 Key Mombo card
3-4 Nickel Prevent card
3-4 Plug Weak Zone card
4-2 Key - Safety X Combo card
4-3 Blast Man-to-Man card
4-3 Key Man-to-Man card
4-3 Maximum Blitz card
4-3 Sam - Will Blitz card
4-3 Twist - Strong Zone card
Over Key Strong Zone card
Short Yardage card
Under Key Double card  
1 Special teams/penalty card
1 Play Book
(with additional rule info)
Rules (inside cover)
Game Contents
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NOTE:  The rules mention 17 offense
cards, however we continue to see
games with 21 offense cards.