Out of Context game
©1985, Hersch
Ages: Adult
Players: 3 to 6 or Teams
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"A Game of Outrageous Quotes "
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Players get their own set of cards with quotes on them. Each player draws six
cards for their hand and one player is designated the dealer.  Dealers rotate with
each hand. The dealer then takes a real quote from the quote box and reads who
the quote is from. Each player will then pass a quote secretly from his hand to
the dealer who then reads them along with the real quote randomly.
Game Contents
1 Box of real uotations
6 Boxes of bluff quotations
1 Card frame
1 Special marker
(dry erase type)
1 Score pad
This game is like Balderdash in play, however the
theme focuses on quotes from famous people of
the past.  Older players who remember quotes of
the past are more likely able to do well in this game.
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