Outrage game
©1995, Imperial Games
Ages: 8 and Up
Players: 2 to 6
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DESCRIPTION - from the game
The Challenge.  To enter the Tower of London, steal one or more of the Crown Jewels and
escape.  This is no easy task.  The Jewels are housed in the White Tower in the centre of the
Fortress.  The White Tower is surrounded by walls and towers beyond which, on the north,
east, and west sides, lies an uncrossable moat.  To the south is the River Thames.  Security is
such that you cannot bring in anything which might assist you.  All the necessary equipment
must be gathered while you mover around inside the Tower of London looking like an
innocent visitor.  The challenge may be attempted individually or in teams.

Shipping Wt: Approx. 2 lbs.
Game Contents
1 Game board
5 Replica crowns
1 St. Edward's crown
1 Prince of Wales crown
1 Orb, representing the world
1 Sword, representing power
1 Sceptre, representing Church
59 Raven cards
1 Chief yeoman warder passes
1 Go to a place of interest
1 Go to beauchamp tower
1 Go to bell tower
1 Go to brick tower
1 Go to broad arrow tower
1 Go to constable tower
1 Go to devereux tower
1 Go to flint tower
1 Go to lanthorn tower
1 Go to martin tower
1 Go to museum
1 Go to royal armouries
1 Go to salt tower
1 Go to wakefield tower
1 Go view the orb
1 Go view prince of wales' crown
1 Go view the sceptre
1 Go view st edward's crown
1 Go view the sword
2 Have your photograph taken
1 Held for questioning
1 Her majesty the queen's bday
1 Imprisoned in the beauchamp
1 Join a yeoman warder's tour
1 Lost
1 Out after curfew
2 Pecked by ravens
1 Resident governor invites
2 Rest on a bench
1 Run out of film
1 See the ghost of anne boleyn
2 Stopped and searched
1 Taken to the rack of torment
2 Yeoman clerk invites everyone
10 Yeoman warder returns to
1 Yeoman warder called out
2 Yeoman warder, chapel post
2 Yeoman warder, lanthorn post
2 Yeoman warder, scaffold post
2 Yeoman warder, waterloo post
57 Tower cards
1 A Key to the jewel cases card
3 Brace of pistols cards
2 Confession cards
3 Crossbow cards
4 Crowbar cards
4 Dagger cards
3 Disguise cards
3 Dynamite cards
6 File cards
3 Ladder cards
5 Mace cards
3 Rope cards
4 Royal pardon cards
4 Sanctuary cards
3 Suit of armour cards
3 Sword cards
3 Tower pass cards
4 Metal Yeoman Warders
6 Plastic playing pieces
1 Red tower
1 Blue tower
1 Black tower
1 Green tower
1 White tower
1 Yellow tower
6 Plastic flags
1 Red flag
1 Blue flag
1 Black flag
1 Green flag
1 White flag
1 Yellow flag
6 Metal coins
2 Standard 6-sided dice
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