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# SOLD - 1976 Sinking of the Titanic game $59.95
                   Excellent Condition (Sold Out-w)

# 00000 - 1976 Sinking of the Titanic game $52.75
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# 00000 - 1976 Sinking of the Titanic game $47.95
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Sinking of the Titanic game
©1976, IDEAL
Ages: 8 and Up
Players: 2 to 4
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Game Contents
1 3-piece game board
1 Metal binder screw
2 Retainer clips
24 Passenger cards
Frank Gigilo
Countesse DeRose
Dr. Vapors
Sir George Hunt
Miss Louise Lamour
Rev. Parrish
Mr. Razor Sharp
Mrs. Winnie Potts
Long Fong
Annie Meek
Diamond Jim Walker
Lord Upton
Lady Upton
Sigfried Fraud
Fifi the Maid
Miss Merry
Major Bull
Edward the Butler
Miss Prissy
Lady Anne
Mr. Alfred Peacock
Mrs. Addie Peacock
John Jacob Fitz
Master Percy
18 Sea Adventure cards
Hooked a Large Tuna
Flying Fish has Landed
Caught Low Flying Seagull
Netted Giant Herring
Hungry Seagulls Strike Again
Food Cask Spoils
Emergency Water Cask Discovered
Raindrops Keep Falling
Cask of Water Found Floating
It's Raining
Water Contaminated
Cask Falls Overboard
Raft Sighted
It's Raining Cats & Dogs
Boat Capsizes
Man Sighted to Starboard
Passenger in Lifejacket
Tangled with Octopus
18 Island Adventure cards
Ripe Pumpernickel
Giant Sea Turtle
Tricky Sea Seals
Hungry Baboons
Rain Water Fills Cask
Island Spring Found
Cask Sprung a Leak
150 Degrees
Wild Watermelons
Found Coconuts
Cask Swept Away
Washed up on Shore
Rescued from Cannibals
Friendly Island
Cannibals Beach Party
6 Life boats
4 Ships Officers
(red, blue, green, yellow)
20 Food tokens
(5 of each color)
Water tokens
(5 of each color)
2 Standard 6-sided dice
DESCRIPTION - from the game
It was a calm, bitter cold night, the frozen stars hung like icicles in the sky.  The unsinkable Titanic, the
greatest ocean liner of its time, was racing towards disaster.  Directly ahead, even darker than darkness,
loomed an iceberg. Violently, the Titanic hit the iceberg...then the shattering crush of ice and ship...and
suddenly...YOU ARE THERE!  Now begins one of the most unique games you will ever play.  First as
a ship's officer on board the Titanic, you will rescue passengers and collect food and water tokens as
the ship slowly sinks-you'll need them later. Rising water forces you to head for a lifeboat put to
sea with whatever you've managed to save.  Now, a whole new game begins when you enter the sea
...shipmates become enemies...friendly islands aren't always paradise and it's every man for himself.  
It's a merciless struggle, especially when you see the Rescue Ship on the horizon...because you must
reach the Rescue Ship with at least two passengers, two food and two water tokens to win the game.
The game you play as the ship goes down...
then face the peril of the open sea!
Shipping Wt: Approx. 4 lbs.
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