Stock Market game
©1981, Whitman
Ages: 10 to Adult
Players: 2 to 8
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# 00000 - 1981 Stock Market Deluxe Ed game $39.95
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Game Contents
1 Game board
1 Guide strip
1 Sliding stock indicator
1 Set of money
64 Identification cards
8 Alcoa Company
8 American Motors
8 General Mills Company
8 International Shoe Company
8 J. I. Case Company
8 Maytag Company
8 Western Publishing Company
8 Woolworth Company
1 Stock market price guide (on
cardboard buildup)
120 Share slips
36 "1" Share Slips
16 "5" Share Slips
16 "10" Share Slips
12 "20" Share Slips
12 "50" Share Slips
12 "100" Share Slips
8 "500" Share Slips
8 "1000" Share Slips
8 Pawn movers
1 Green pawn
1 Red pawn
1 Orange pawn
1 Blue pawn
1 Yellow pawn
1 Black pawn
1 Gray pawn
1White pawn
2 Standard 6-sided dice
DESCRIPTION - from the game
"A fortune could be yours as you buy and sell shares on the
stock market. With a throw of the dice, collect dividends,
attend stockholder meetings, and buy and sell company
shares. The first player to earn $100,000 wins the game."

Shipping Wt: Approx. 3 lbs.
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NOTE: This game is a remake of
the 1968 Deluxe Edition Stock
Market game, also by Whitman.  
The only difference is the box
top.  The game components are
EXACTLY the same.