Ulcers game
©1974, Waddingtons
Ages: 10 and Up
Players: 2 to 4
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Don's Game Closet
The game of manipulating company personnel.
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1 Game board
4 Company player mats
(4-1/2" x 18")
23 Personnel cards
1 President with blue tie
1 President with green tie
1 President woman
1 Vice Pres. with brown coat
1 Vice Pres. with lt blue coat
1 Vice Pres. with dk blue coat
1 Sales Mgr man with cigar
1 Sales Mgr man without cigar
1 Sales Mgr woman
1 Salesman with pink tie
1 Salesman with paisley tie
1 Salesman with orange tie
1 Salesman with striped tie
1 Salesman with dark blue tie
1 Salesman with light blue tie
1 Salesman with yellow tie
1 Secretary man with blue tie
1 Secretary man with floral tie
1 Secretary with red dress
1 Secretary with pink blouse
1 Secretary with dark pink top
1 Secretary with light blue top
1 Secretary with green top
21 Ulcer cards
9 Strategy Cards
3 Move Ahead 2 Squares
3 Move Ahead 3 Squares
3 Move Ahead 4 Squares
6 Special Raid Cards
3 Left Player Raid
3 Right Player Raid
3 Special business venture
3 Advance to fiscal new year
4 Plastic doll pawns
2 Standard 6-sided dice
1 Set of money
DESCRIPTION - from the game
ULCERS is a not-so-serious takeoff of serious business. ULCERS
has all the excitement, the strategies, and nerve-wrecking decisions
you'd have to face in setting up a business in real life.  Yet it's only
a game.  
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