Wildlife Adventure game
©1986, Ravensburger
Ages: 10 to Adult
Players: 2 to 6
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Game Contents
1 4-Panel game board
72 Animal cards
14 Africa cards (orange)
23 Asia cards (olive green)
07 Australia cards (yellow)
13 North America cards (green)
15 South America cards (blue)
08 Blank Animal cards
120 Route extensions
(averages about 20 of each color)
Approx..40 Red extensions
Approx. 40 Blue extensions
Approx. 40 Yellow extensions
65 Travel vouchers
36 Chance cards
2 Move 3 obstacles
2 Remove 1, 2 or 3 route
extension arrows
2 Remove 1 or 2 route Extension
2 Re-Lay any 2 last route
extension arrows
3 Receive 2 extra travel vouchers
3 Exchange 1 animal card
4 Remove last route extension
6 Move 2 obstacles
6 Lay another route extension
6 Open discovery mission
3 Wooden obstacles pieces
1 Animal information booklet
DESCRIPTION - from the game
Wildlife Adventure game is just like going out into the world on true expeditions
of discovery to observe wild animals and to learn how man can perhaps help
threatened species.  Players move around the board on their expeditions, search
for a particular number of animals.  On the way players get to know some of the
world's most unusual and magnificent animals and also learn something about
their particular circumstances.

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