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# 00000 - 1972 Visit Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom game $34.95
                                    Excellent Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 1972 Visit Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom game $29.95
                                  Very Good Condition - Sold Out

# 00000 - 1972 Visit Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom game $27.95
                                  Acceptable Condition - Sold Out

A Visit to Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom game
©1972, Milton Bradley
Ages: 6 and Up
Players: 2 to45
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Game Contents
1 Magic Kingdom game board
1 Left wall
1 Right wall
1 Spinner assembly
3 Attractions (see below)
3 Monorails
1 Red monorail
1 Green monorail
1 White monorail
40 Magic kingdom tickets
1 Red 20,000 Leagues ticket
1 Red Adventureland ticket
1 Red Fantasyland ticket
1 Red Frontierland ticket
1 Red Liberty Square ticket
3 Red Monorail tickets
1 Red Teacup Ride ticket
1 Red Tomorrowland ticket
1 Blue 20,000 Leagues ticket
1 Blue Adventureland ticket
1 Blue Fantasyland ticket
1 Blue Frontierland ticket
1 Blue Liberty Square ticket
3 Blue Monorail tickets
1 Blue Teacup Ride ticket
1 Blue Tomorrowland ticket
1 Green 20,000 Leagues ticket
1 Green Adventureland ticket
1 Green Fantasyland ticket
1 Green Frontierland ticket
1 Green Liberty Square ticket
3 Green Monorail tickets
1 Green Teacup Ride ticket
1 Green Tomorrowland ticket
1 Yellow 20,000 Leagues ticket
1 Yellow Adventureland ticket
1 Yellow Fantasyland ticket
1 Yellow Frontierland ticket
1 Yellow Liberty Square ticket
3 Yellow Monorail tickets
1 Yellow Teacup Ride ticket
1 Yellow Tomorrowland ticket
12 Cardboard pawns
2 Daisy duck pawns
2 Donald duck pawns
2 Goofy pawns
2 Micky mouse pawns
2 Minnie mouse pawns
2 Pluto pawns
6 Plastic stands

4 Attraction assemblies
1 Haunted Mansion
1 Fold-up House base
1 Ramp
1 Roof
1 Railroad Station assembly
1 Railroad station front
1 Left front wall
1 Right front wall
1 Rear support
1 Snow White's castle
1 Teacup Ride
1 Base
1 Plastic button
1 Turntable
2 Teacup pieces  
DESCRIPTION - from the game
The fun of the new game is two-fold.  The first thrill is to assemble a toy-like
replica of the Magic Kingdom Park located in the famous Walt Disney World
in Florida.  Following simple instructions, the park comes to life with its
Railroad Station entrance, the Teacup Ride, the Haunted House and the tiny
Monorail cars that whisk the players from one end of the park to another.  
The fun is to be the first player to spend all of his tickets and win the game.
Shipping Wt: Approx. 3 lbs.
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