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Hasbro Games
1967 Amazing Dunninger Mind Reading game
2000 Antiques Roadshow game
2016 Battleship (Electronic) game Hasbro (Talking)
2002 Bingo Is His Name-O! game
1979 Bop, Bop 'n Rebop game
1998 Bop It Extreme game
1960 Bridg-It game
1964 Bridg-It game
1971 Bridg-It game
2013 Catch Phrase Decades game (Electronic)
2001 Catch Phrase game (Electronic)
2002 Catch Phrase Junior Electronic game
1970 Chain Letters game
1982 Chain Lightning 300 Domino Super Show
1982 Chain Lightning 600 Domino Super Show
1970 Chess game
1971 Chinese Checkers game
2008 Elefun game
2003 Finding Nemo game
2008 Gator Golf game
1995 Girl Talk game
1981 Grabbin Dragons game
2005 Guesstures game (Bible Edition)
2000 Hang in There! game
2002 Hangman game (Electronic Handheld)
1975 High Stakes game
1999 Holey Moley Electronic game
2012 Hungry Hungry Hippos game
1969 Interpretation of Dreams game
1970 It Takes Two game
1997 Jumanji game (Electronic Handheld)
1976 King of the Castle game
2008 Learning Manners game
2007 Learning to Listen Pizza Palace game
2011 Lucky Ducks game (Sesame Street Ed)
1999 Mille Bornes card game
1999 Mille Bornes card game (Collector's Ed)
Milton Bradley games
2003 Monopoly Alaska Edition game
2005 Monopoly Berkshire Hathaway game (Diamond Edition)
Monopoly Cleveland Edition game
2013 Monopoly Empire game
1996 Monopoly Golf Edition game (First Edition)
1998 Monopoly Golf Edition game
2012 Monopoly Hotels game
2001 Monopoly I Love Lucy Collector's Ed game
2007 Monopoly M&M's Collector's Edition game
2002 Monopoly NASCAR Collector's Ed. game
2010 Monopoly, Office Collector's Edition game
1997 Monopoly Ohio State University game
2000 Moods game
2003 Mother Goose Sing Along game
2014 Mystery Date game  (Nostalgia Edition)
2016 Mystery Date game  (Wooden Box)
2009 Nerf Wall 2 Wall Basketball game
2008 Noodleboro Learning Manners game
2004 Old MacDonald Had A Farm Handheld game
2001 Outburst Electronic game (Platinum Edition)
See Parker Brother games
1990 Perfection game
2000 Pictionary game
Pie Face game
1968 Post Office game
1980 Quick Jump It's A Skunk game
2010 Ratuki Card game
1969 Rhyme Time game
2010 Risk game
2005 Risk Vintage Game Collection game
1976 Road Block game
2002 Scattergories Bible Edition game
2001 Scattergories Electronic game (Platinum Ed)
1999 Scattergories game
2000 Scrabble Golf Edition game
1999 Scrabble Junior game (Madeline Ed)
2007 Scrabble Pirates of the Caribbean game
2008 Scrabble Presidential game
2008 Scrabble Retro game
1999 Simon Star Wars Space Battle game
2000 Simon Handheld game
2006 Simon Handheld game (Trickster Edition)
2000 Simon 2 game
2003 Sing Along with Mother Goose game
1978 Smack It game
2013 Sorry game
2012 Spirograph Deluxe Set
1981 Splish Splash game
1974 Star Trek game
1999 Star Wars Episode 1 Jar Jar Binks game
2014 Star Wars Loopin Chewie game
2007 Stratego America's Civil War game
2013 Taboo Buzz'ed Electronic Handheld game
2001 Taboo Electronic game (Platinum Ed.)
1999 Taboo game
Taboo game
See Tiger games
2000 TORX Electronic game
1970 Trivia game
See Trivia games
2009 Trivial Pursuit Beatles Collector's Ed game
2010 Trivial Pursuit Beatles Collector's Ed game
1999 True You Personality Profiler game
1969 Vegas game
2002 Waterworks Card game
1979 Word Nerd game
1969 World of Wall Street game
2007 Yahtzee Handheld Electronic game (4511)
1999 You Just Became a Millionaire
2012 Zynga Words with Friends game
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